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Denise Abi Rached
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Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

With over 20-year experience in psychotherapy, I find great joy in helping clients overcome their emotional difficulties, cope with life setbacks, and achieve optimum mental wellness. At the beginning of my career, I worked with addiction patients, helping them recover more quickly and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Later, however, I discovered a passion for couples/family counseling, helping couples and families gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflicts, and improve communication. I have also worked with KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation Organization (a Lebanon-based feminist non-governmental organization) where I helped women overcome the consequences of domestic violence, improve their mental wellbeing, and live a more safe and peaceful life.

In addition to my work as a Director of an outpatient substance abuse program in Lebanon, I also provide online one-on-one therapy sessions for FSHN clients. By combining different therapeutic approaches, I help clients with a broad range of psychological concerns, including, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, stress, and panic attacks. My main goal is to help clients navigate life challenges, make better decisions, increase self-awareness, and, therefore, improve their personal development and become better versions of themselves.

Education and Training
Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Lebanese University, Lebanon
Master’s in Social Sciences (NGO Management,) Sagesse University, Lebanon
Diploma in Drug Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
Bachelor of Arts in School Psychology, Lebanese University, Lebanon
Personality Types, Behavioral Disorders & Psychiatric Illness, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
Addictive Behaviors: Prevention, Identification, and Management
Main Therapeutic Approaches, Institute for Training and Application of Communicational Therapy (IFATC), France
Outpatient Addiction Services, Daytop, Phoenix House, Caron Foundation, New Hope Foundation, U.S.A.
Motivational Interviewing, Philipe Michaud & Dorothée Lécallier, Lebanon
Addiction Treatment (Training for Six Months), Daytop Rehab Center for Drug Addiction, U.S.A
Treating Drug Addiction in Aftercare Period, Training in Group Therapy, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
Specialty Interests
Couples therapy, addiction, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, panic disorder, family conflicts, gender identity.
Systemic Approach Certificate in Couples Therapy, Institute for Training and Application of Communicational Therapy (IFATC), France
Therapist in Psycho-Organic Analysis Certificate: for couples, children, and families, French School of Psycho-Organic Analysis, France
Basic Therapist Training in Psycho-Organic Analysis, French School of Psycho-Organic Analysis, France
Professional Memberships
The Lebanese Syndicate of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts (SPP)
ALAPO Association for Psychotherapy in Lebanon
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