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Mohamed Sedki Baccouche
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Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

I have a particular interest in chronic pain and sports injury rehabilitation. This interest led me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Physical Education and Volleyball Coaching. After completing my Bachelor’s, I started my career as a rehabilitation trainer in Tunisia before moving to Kuwait. With more than 8 years of experience (3 years in Tunisia, 5 years in Kuwait), I can help athletes of all calibers (from amateur to professional athletes) with a wide range of sports injuries.

Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, I usually design my treatment programs based on the individual needs of each patient to ensure faster recovery and optimum results.

Education and Training
Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Volleyball Coaching
Osteopathy program, level 1 (ankle, knee, and Coxo)
First Aid (a university course)
Personal training program (ACE)
Barbell Rehab Workshop (Barbell Rehab and NASM )
Specialty Interests
Post-injury rehabilitation (sports injuries and chronic pain)
Rehabilitation of muscle injuries with Biofeedback
Manual therapy (muscle energy technique)
Shoulder & ankle sports injuries (SIM Competences)
Winback rehabilitation machine
Strapping and taping
Fascial distortion model (Osteo - FDM-school-fr)
Professional Memberships
ACE Personal Training, TRX
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