RunKuwait 5K and 10K charity run or walk is the Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network’s annual fundraising charity event that helps bind our community together through a fun and healthy event to raise money for children with special needs who do not have access to appropriate healthcare. RunKuwait has become one of Kuwait’s most prominent charity sporting events. The annual race aims to raise awareness and funds to support CERC, our non-profit pediatrics facility which provides specialized, multi-disciplinary treatment and care for children with disabilities – including rehab for physical injuries, developmental disorders, speech, language and swallowing difficulties, behavioral difficulties, learning disabilities, and much more.

Proceeds from RunKuwait go towards enabling CERC to continue providing expert, quality care for children who otherwise may not get access to the care they need. The majority of raised funds are used to help families suffering from financial difficulties, providing them with treatment at a subsidized lower cost, or even for free in some cases. CERC’s team of compassionate, highly-skilled clinicians provides free and low-cost rehabilitative care for children with a disability who have been unable to gain access to needed treatment. CERC’s on-site team includes pediatric physiotherapists, speech and communication disorders therapists, occupational therapists, and clinical psychologists.

Since 2013, funds raised from the annual RunKuwait event is channeled towards the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) which serves children with special needs. With the help of race participants and the RunKuwait sponsors, as well as other corporate and individual donors, Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network (FSHN) has been able to provide free services to 20% of the children, and to deeply subsidize the care of 60% of our young people.

One thing that has always made RunKuwait special: it is an event for everybody, regardless of age or fitness level. Running is one option, but definitely not a must. For those unable to run a marathon, they can walk, jog or just stroll. The important thing is participating and supporting this great cause.

FSHN strives to reach more and more vulnerable children every year and your help will make this possible when you participate in RunKuwait. Every year, RunKuwait enjoys the support of many local companies and organizations, and we are always delighted to welcome new partners looking to support this non-profit community initiative.


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