Through your generous support, FSHN is able to continuously provide the community with accessible-to-all services. We continue to receive support through Sponsoring from individuals and private institutions, as well as funds raised through charitable activities.

As FSHN is both a private and non-for-profit organization, all surplus revenue generated is reinvested into the organization. These reinvestments, along with Support, enable us to maintain and expand our facilities, attract a highly-skilled and experienced team and provide accessible, quality healthcare to anyone who walks in through our doors.

The treatment we provide is accessible to everyone, and children from low-income families receive free or subsidized treatment. Currently, about 70% of the center¹s children treatment costs are supported by funds that are Sponsored from various companies, charities, and individuals.

Usually, Sponsoring take one of two forms; either dedicated or undedicated. The former is a type of fund that has been requested to be put to a particular cause by the sponsor. In the case of the latter, the sponsor has not explicitly requested that funds be dedicated to a certain area or cause. Undedicated Support is allocated where they are needed most, as determined by FSHN staff.

What causes can I fund through sponsoring?

You are more than welcome to support us of undedicated funds, however we recommend that you fund one of the following five causes that require the most support:



Providing treatment to those who suffer from stroke, dementia and a variety of age-specific conditions that can interfere with their health; helping them regain a more independent, more active and generally healthier lifestyle.


Providing babies, children and young adults with comprehensive therapy programs across a number of different areas, such as physical therapy, hydrotherapy, speech pathology, counseling and occupational therapy. Treatment programs focus on setting specific and individualized goals to ensure each child achieves their maximum level of functionality.

Mental Health and Wellness

Providing treatment to patients of all ages to address a wide spectrum of concerns and difficulties. Ranging from marriage counseling and occupational therapy to eating disorders; we are able to administer a wide range of psychological assessments and most importantly, maintain a strict confidentially policy.




Through research, we are able to develop, innovate and keep up-to-date with the latest treatment methods. Although research may be a lengthy process, its benefits reach all across our entire community.



Through training, volunteer work, internships or other means of education, we are able to spread knowledge and awareness regarding healthcare. We believe that with knowledge and education, we are able to achieve better and more sustainable standards of living for all segments of the community.



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