Call Center Team Leader

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August 21, 2022

Perform, guide, organize, and monitor all call center activities and targets. Provide & maintain efficient, prompt, proactive and courteous services to callers.

Manage the call center's team of agents to ensure efficiency in their day to day activities
Ensure call center agents understand and comply with all call center department objectives, performance standards, and policies.
Keep customer service supervisor and DOO informed about recurring issues.
Handle calls from customers who would like to raise a concern, have a complaint or have an issue that cannot be resolved at the agent level.
Monitor queue and track inbound calls’ volume. Assume the Call Center Agent responsibility during peak hours, staff shortage, breaks, etc.
Ensure timely and effective performance of daily operational tasks (confirmation, payment links) and telemarketing activities( emails, SMS, Loyalty program, New services introduction, inactive patient)
Evaluate Customer Service staff.
Participate in marketing events and initiatives.
Handle administrative tasks as requested by the direct manager and the DOO.

Submit a monthly report that includes: department statistics, KPIs, operational issues, and improvements proposed (such as but not limited to digitizing part of the activities done by the Call center agent)
Submit patient drop off report on weekly basis
Prepare call center agents’ monthly schedule.
Submit incident report on the OVR in a timely manner
Submit call center KPIs on a timely manner.
Other reports as requested by the customer service supervisor or DOO to evaluate / track the performance

People Management:
Answer staff questions and provide guidance/,feedback. Motivate staff to work together as a team and display high performance levels.
Help in the selection of new Call Center agents. Onboard, coach, and provide training to personnel to maintain high customer service standards
Ensure leaves and absentees are appropriately covered
Supervise subordinates to ensure that all work within the team is carried out and is consistent with operating procedures and policy.
Monitor and evaluate agent performance, providing learning or coaching opportunities, and take corrective action, if necessary, to ensure compliance of employees to departmental policies and KPIs.

Diploma or higher degree in any discipline Experience:
Minimum 3 years’ experience in a front office role.
Minimum 1-year experience in call center supervisory position
Healthcare sector experience preferred.

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