Anne-Marie Bterrany
Marketing & Communication Manager
Professional Experience and Affiliations:
In October 2021, I joined the pivotal role of Marketing and Communication Manager at Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network (FSHN). In this influential position, I lead comprehensive strategies for the marketing department, orchestrating initiatives to secure not only a substantial market share but also to play a key role in shaping the organization's overarching digital landscape.

Leveraging my 14 years of experience in marketing communications, brand management, graphic design, process excellence, and project management, I plan and implement effective digital and physical marketing strategies to help the Group extend its reach and influence.

I initiated my career at Pad 10, where I served as a Senior Graphic Designer from November 2009 to May 2013, before transitioning to SSH Design as a Senior Creative Designer in the Marketing and Communications Department until March 2019.

Prior to joining FSHN, I held the position of Marketing & Communications Manager at Taiba Hospital since 2019. In this role, I was responsible for planning and executing branding/marketing communication campaigns, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving continuous improvement in business processes. I hold a master’s in Graphic Design from Holy Spirit University Of Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon, as well as a diploma in Marketing and Digital Marketing from CPD (UK). I furthered my studies to achieve certification in Business Analytics from Harvard Business School.
Nicholas Scull
Master’s Degree in Graphic Design- Holy Spirit University Of Kaslik (USEK) 2009
Marketing & Digital Marketing Diploma - CPD and IAO 2018
Business Analytics Certificate - Harvard Business School - 2023
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