Health Coaching

Introduction to Health Coaching

Health Coaches are supportive mentors and health partners who help client feel their best and reach their wellness goals by making smart, sustainable, and long-term food/lifestyle changes. They curate individualized and carefully-tailored programs for each client, based on his/her unique needs and health goals.

Health coaching does not focus on one specific diet or a certain way of living. Instead, It embraces the bio-individuality approach which sees that we are all different in our nutritive requirements, and everyone of us needs a personalized dietary, lifestyle, emotional, and physical requirements to achieve optimal health. With this in mind, health coaches do not believe in one-size-fits-all health and wellness solutions. They believe that everyone is unique in their biological makeup and requirements. So, they work closely with clients to help them discover the best changes that work for them, while smartly curating a flexible and life-long plan that fuels their bodies and helps them lead a healthy lifestyle, and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

Health coaches always emphasize that there is more to healthy integrative nutrition than just the food we put on our plates. They believe in the importance of “Primary Foods” as a powerful tool in our journey to reach a holistic and multi-dimensional nourishment approach. Such approaches usually focus on life areas which impact our short and long-term health and wellness, just as much as food does and these include: relationships, career, spirituality, physical activity, etc).

So, we can say that health coaches contribute to the broader health care field by guiding people to make healthier lifestyle choices. They are equipped with more than 100 dietary and coaching theories, methods, and tools that help people take a proactive and holistic approach to their health.

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