In addition to providing patient-centered, integrated healthcare, FSHN also places education at the heart of its mission. We believe in the importance of providing professional development opportunities for our team, as well as healthcare professionals within the larger community. To support essential education and professional development within the local healthcare sector, FSHN offers a number of professional courses and certifications throughout the year, covering many different healthcare topics.


As a fundamental cornerstone of our institution and part of our core ethos, FSHN strives to be a regional hub for healthcare education and research. FSHN spearheads a number of clinical research efforts which focus on a myriad of healthcare issues in Kuwait in order to support evidence-based practice.

Our goal is to empower the local community with knowledge and education, and our aim is to gain a better understanding of the local healthcare landscape, in order to drive and inform highly specialized practice and develop the healthcare sector in Kuwait.

As with everything else we do, we implement an integrated, cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach when it comes to research. FSHN often works with like-minded institutions across the spectrum in Kuwait and around globe, and we have a number of ongoing collaborations and partnerships with leading local and international education and healthcare institutes.

One of our key strategic partners in the area of research has been the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS), which has played an instrumental role in funding and supporting many of our research efforts. Some of our international partners over the years have included Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto, Duke University, and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

FSHN welcomes collaboration with all research, education, and healthcare institutions on its various research projects, which address a range of different healthcare topics that are pertinent to Kuwait.

At FSHN, we are also firm believers in working with the local community and promoting a greater sense of health consciousness across the nation. As such we are always happy to welcome volunteers to take part in our various research projects.

FSHN maintains a highly active research program, carrying out a multitude of research efforts and clinical studies throughout the year. Our program focuses on key healthcare issues in Kuwait, aiming to support evidence-based practice.

Published Research Projects
  • Landry M.D., Raman S.R., Sulway C., Golightly Y.M., Hamdan E. (2008) Prevalence and risk factors associated with low back pain among health care providers in a Kuwait hospital (2008). Spine. 33(5). 539-545.
  • Landry M.D., Hamdan E., Al Mazeedi S., Brooks D. (2008) The precarious balance between ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ for health care: the increasing global demand for rehabilitation service for individuals living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. 3(3). 393-396.
  • Raman S.R., Mandoda s., Hussain L.K., Foley N., Hamdan E., Landry M. (2010) Exploring the meaning of childhood disability: perceptions of disability among mothers of children with disabilities (CWD) in Kuwait. World Health & Population.11(4). 49-60.
  • Raman S.R., Al-Halabi B., Hamdan E., Landry M.D. (2012) Prevalence and risk factors associated with self-reported carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) among office workers in Kuwait. BMC Research Notes. 13;5. 289.
  • MacPherson M.M., MacArthur L., Jadan P., Glassman L., Bouzubar F.F., Hamdan E., Landry M.D. (2013) A SWOT analysis of the physiotherapy profession in Kuwait. Physiotherapy Research International. 18(1). 37-46.
  • Raman S.R., Landry M.D., Ottensmeyer C.A., Jacob S., Hamdan E., Bouhaimed M. (2013) Keeping our children safe in motor vehicles: knowledge, attitudes and practice among parents in Kuwait regarding child car safety. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion. 21(4). 358-367.
  • Raman S.R., Ottensmeyer C.A., Landry M.D., Alfadhli J., Procter S., Jacob S., Hamdan E., Bouhaimed M. (2014) Seat-belt use still low in Kuwait: self-reported driving behaviours among adult drivers. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion. 21(4). 328-337.
  • Hamdan E., Bouzabar F.F., Landry M.D. (2013) The Bone and Joint Decade (BJD) initiative: how did Kuwait perform? World Health and Population. 14(4). 5-11.
  • Scull, N. C., Khullar, N., Awadhi, N., Erheim, R. (2014). A qualitative study of the perceptions of mental health care in Kuwait. International Perspectives in Psychology: research, Practice, Consultation, 3(4), 284-299.
  • Alameer., M., Meteyard, L., and Ward, D. (2017). Stuttering generalization self-measure: Preliminary development of a self-measuring tool. Journal of Fluency Disorders, 53, 41-51


Completed Research Projects Submitted for Publication
  • Viola K.V., Deeny M.C., Musallam S., Serour M, Federman D. A national study of behaviours and attitudes towards the sun and skin cancer in Kuwait.
  • Khullar N., Scull N., Deeny M.C. The Prevalence, Patterns and Perceptions of Performance Enhancing Drug Use among Gym Users in Kuwait: PHASE 1.
  • Khullar N., Deeny M.C., Scull N. The Prevalence, Patterns and Perceptions of Performance Enhancing Drug Use among Gym Users in Kuwait: PHASE 2.
  • AlFeeli A., Ashour A., AlRoughani R., Hawkins C., Pandyan A. An investigation into the effects of a customized patient selected exercise intervention on fatigue in patients with MS.
  • Deeny M.C., Hamdan E., Ross E.L., Edwards R.R., Huang C.C., Jamison R.N. Chronic Pain, Comorbid Medical Conditions and Associated Risk Factors in Kuwait: Gender and Nationality Differences
Ongoing Research Projects
  • Deeny M.C., Hamdan E., Landry M.D. An analysis of the demand for rehabilitation services across the continuum of care in Kuwait.
  • Karageorgi S., Deeny M., Hamdan E. Cultural Perceptions of Healthy Weight in Kuwait.

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