Lymphatic Drainage


Is the treatment painful?

No, treatment should not cause any pain. If any pain occurs during treatment it is an indication to stop and do additional medical check ups to eliminate other medical conditions

How long does one session last?

Treatment for upper or lower limbs last for 1 hour. Lymphatic drainage of head and face area takes 30 minutes

How long does the treatment last for?

The effects of the treatment, depending on medical condition and activities post treatment last for about 24 hour. After that time prescribed by therapist actions should be taken to continue treatment and keep the effects longer.

How often I need to come?

It depends on the condition, but most commonly in 1st intensive phase it is recommended to undertake 2-3 treatments per week for about 2-3 weeks, then when the 2nd phase of maintenance is achieved it is possible to lower the number of visits to 1 session per week or fortnightly.

How many session will I need?

The number of sessions vary based on each medical condition and indication for treatment. Treatment plan is offered and discussed during first visit.

Do I need to take something with me for the treatment?

It is recommended to take with you current medical examination or history of the medical condition. We also advise to come in comfortable, loose clothes. If the treatment is focused on lower limbs we highly recommend to come with wide sports footwear.

Are there any additional cost of the treatment?

Accordingly to medical condition patient may be included into Complete Decongestive Therapy which includes lymphatic bandaging. Those bandages are designed for lymphatic drainage and are different than those ones available in any pharmacy. Patient can purchase them after treatment in our clinic. Number of bandages needed for patient is chosen individually. Bandages are multiple use and washable. Patient is asked to bring them again for each session.

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