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Creative Integration Class

  • Support the physical development of the child and explore the surrounding world through their senses
  • Engage the child in a friendly atmosphere to establish relationships with other children during group physical games
  • Develop the child's creativity, independence, and support the development of touch, smell, sight, hearing and speech senses in social settings.

Who can attend this class?

  • Age 4-8 years, boys and girls
  • Children with developmental challenges
  • Children who walk independently

Correction Class

To strengthen postural muscles and guide habits for better posture.
Core strengthening & mobility exercises will be performed to develop coordination & body awareness. Tips will also be provided to the parents and eliminate bad postural habits.

Who can attend this class?

  • Age 5-12 years, boys and girls
  • Children with postural issues
  • Children with joint problems in the knees and feet
  • Children who walk independently
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