Marko Pajevic
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I started my career in physiotherapy after graduating from the Medical University in Belgrade, Serbia. With more than 6 years of experience, my main goal is to help patients (men, women, athletes…) reduce pain, restore maximum function and mobility, and decrease risk of injury in the future.

I incorporate different techniques (such as: symptom modification procedures, graded exposure, exercise…) to improve the movement and function of patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions due to illnesses, injuries, or surgeries - with a special interest in rehabilitation after ACL injury, low back pain, and shoulder pain. I also have a particular passion for working with athletes. I find great joy in helping my athletic clients recover from injuries, restore strength and function, return to sports, and prevent injury from recurring, as I believe that injury prevention is an essential part of any successful rehabilitation program.

Education and Training
Specialty Interests
Injury prevention strategies, load management, and resistance training
Physiotherapy after surgeries, such as: ACL reconstruction, knee/shoulder/hip arthroscopy
Rehabilitation related to conditions such as lower back/shoulder/hip pain, anterior knee pain, hamstring injury, Achilles tendon pain
FMS (Functional Movement Screen) principle to improve physical and motor skills of patients and athletes
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