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Nutrition is not just what you eat. It is how you nourish your body, mind, and life. 

Do you want to lose or gain weight? Are you an athlete looking to boost performance? Are you pregnant, looking to become pregnant, or have just had a child? Are you looking for ways to maintain your health in your older years? Do you have any eating disorders? These are just a few reasons why people seek an expert, science-based advice by a Registered Nutritionist.

At FSHN, we provide specialized nutrition services for all ages, including nutrition consultations, personalized nutrition sessions, as well as tips and lifestyle recommendations. Clients will receive tailored, evidence-based nutrition advice and recommendations based on each person’s condition, health, and lifestyle.

On your first consultation, there will be an intake questionnaire to better understand your history and condition. A Food frequency questionnaire and 24-hour food recalls will be also required. 

Nutrition Programs

  • Recipes
  • Supplement Recommendations & Materials
  • Grocery Store Tours/ Kitchen Clean Outs 
  • Virtual Nutrition Consultations
  • Children Nutrition Talks
  • Menu Consulting
  • Nutrition, Health & Wellness Talks at Schools, Workplaces, Etc.

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