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Marwah Al Rahmani
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I received my master’s degree in counseling after completing a year of clinical internship supporting refugees and trauma survivors in Ottawa, Canada. With more than 10 years of clinical experience in the field of mental health counseling, I help families and individuals with a wide array of emotional and psychological issues, from maternal mental health, to parenting issues, communication problems, sleep disorders, and speech difficulties. I believe that people are the experts in their lives and discovering their own strengths can significantly improve their emotional well-being. With this in mind, I usually create an empathetic and comfortable therapeutic environment where individuals can better learn about themselves to foster growth and healing. My therapeutic approach is primarily based on client-centered, strengths-based, and trauma-informed techniques, as well as cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness-based interventions.

Education and Training
M.Ed. in International Counselling, Lehigh University, USA
Diploma in Maternity and Childhood Sleep Disorders, International Maternity and Parenting Institute, USA
Bachelor of Science in Communication and Language Disorders, Kuwait University
Specialty Interests
Perinatal/ postpartum depression
Greif and loss
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Certification in International School Counseling, Lehigh University
Certificate in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills, Ottawa crisis line center
Certificate in ACT as a Brief Intervention, Association for Psychological Therapies
Certificate in CBT Mindfulness Primer, Centre for Mindfulness Studies
Certificate in Parental Mood and Anxiety, The Postpartum Stress Center
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