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Wadad El Turk
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Pediatric and Adult Occupational Therapist BSc.

Wadad has a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and over 10 years of expertise in Lebanon. She has a strong passion to improve the health, quality of life, and wellbeing of her patients. Wadad began her professional career in inclusion schools and pediatric private clinics, developing her expertise in geriatrics at a hospital and rehabilitation center providing therapy to inpatients & outpatients, and as a lecturer at Saint Joseph University for the past three years.

Wadad treats children & adults to promote physical, cognitive & mental well-being to aid in a more independent, productive life. She has certifications in Snoezelen approach from SUCOM France; in hand traumatic and burn rehabilitation intervention, Resting Hand Orthosis from Orfit academy & Psychosomatic from Nafsaniyon Lebanon supervised by Benjamin Stora. Currently, she is a fulltime Occupational Therapist at FSHN treating both children and adults. She continues to develop her experience by adopting a holistically approach to promote independent skills and structured task analysis to work with different services

Education and Training
Specialty Interests
• Physical & Genetic Disorders
• Brain Injuries
• Spina Bifida
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Global Developmental Delay (GDD)
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
• Learning Difficulties
• Cognitive Difficulties
• Dyspraxia
• Down Syndrome
• Cerebral Palsy
• Stroke
Young Adult to Geriatric:
• Neurological Disorders: Stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Brain Injuries
• Orthopedic Disorders: Amputation, Spinal Cord Injuries
• Post-operative Patients for Functional Independence
• Cognitive Difficulties
• Dementia
• Alzheimer Disease
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