Behavior Analyst

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August 14, 2022

To oversee aspects of the ABA program utilizing applied behavioral analysis principles to patients.

Generic Accountabilities

Identify, manage, mitigate and report on risk and potential risk in FSHN’s mental health & wellness services.

Specific Accountabilities

Oversee various aspects of the ABA program at CERC including the design of the program, all clinicians providing services in the program, monitoring client

outcomes, and ensuring overall success of the program.

Conduct assessments for patients and design effective behavioral management programs at school and at home.

Monitor clinical activities of clinicians in the ABA program and provide ongoing clinical consultations.

Help the client learn to cope with the challenges of their environments.

Motivate clients through positive reinforcement of good behaviors and ignoring incorrect behaviors.

Assist in triaging patients.

Work closely with clients’ families to support clinical goals.

Collaborate with other members of the patient’s team to improve clinical outcomes.

Help advertise and recruit clients for the ABA program.

Maintain accurate and timely clinical documental including daily progress notes, data collection, attendance records, and treatment outcomes.

Perform other duties are requested by management.


  • Bachelor degree in psychology or an allied field from an accredited university.
  • BCBA certification
  • Knowledge
  • Knowledge of child development
  • Knowledgeable about designing and implementing effective behavior management plans.


  • Minimum 1 year of clinical experience.
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