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We understand that some patients may not be able to receive treatment at the clinic for many reasons (such as serious injuries, severe illnesses, great pain, etc). These patients can benefit from our home healthcare services where the home environment is used as part of the therapy and rehabilitation process.

Home-based therapy is ideal for patients with conditions like stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, patients with fall risks and balance problems, as well as patients who have undergone surgical procedures (like hip or knee replacements). Our therapists will always advise on the best equipment and home adaptations that can reduce the risk of falling and increase the safety and independence of patients.

Receiving treatment at home allows the family to gain a better understanding of the condition and play a greater role in the treatment plan. It offers them the opportunity to ask questions and learn on how they can help and be more involved.

How our Home-based Therapy is Conducted?

After carrying out an initial assessment of the patient’s medical condition, the patient is referred to the appropriate therapist. Here are the key steps of the home treatment program:

  • Initial assessment by the healthcare coordinator
  • Follow up sessions with specialists including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and mental healthcare providers
  • Household staff training of provided by our healthcare coordinators ــ to ensure patients have the highest healthcare level at home
  • Family care-giver education to help family members learn more about how to take care of patients and themselves.
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