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Emilia Ochnik
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Pediatric Physiotherapist

It has always been my dream to work with children, thus I began my professional career as a physiotherapist in my home country of Poland at public and private rehabilitation centers for children and their families. My eagerness to work & travel led me to Sicily, Italy where I became a physiotherapist at the Institute of Psycho-Pedagogical Medicine at Lucia Mangano ETS in Catania, specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health. I continued my career working between Poland and Italy as a self-employed physiotherapist. I was also volunteering and providing free-of-charge individual home visits to children, who were refugees from Ukraine in Poland, fulfilling my passion to serve others. 

I have spent time completing further specializations in the following areas in NDT Bobath Therapy, which has been a professional goal I have set for myself. I am also a certified Sensory Integration by J. Ayres since 2020. This year I completed my training in 3 Dimensional Manual Foot Therapy by Barbara Zukunft – Huber, which is a famous german method used around the world to help children with feet deformities (flat feet, club foot, hallux) and toe walking.

Before my arrival to Kuwait I completed a certification in the Prechtl General Movements Assessment which is the most efficient noninvasive tool to assess premature newborns and on time babies after difficult pregnancies and labors. This specialization allows me to identify and detect eventual abnormalities and implement early intervention in children. 

These specialization courses have equipped my therapy sessions with countless number of tools and new insights into the diagnosing, assessment and treatment of children.

Education and Training
3-Dimensional Manual Feet Therapy by Barbara Zukunft – Huber, Germany (2022)
EBTA Basic Pediatric Bobath Course, Poland & Greece (2022) Prechtl's GMs, Italy (2022)
Rehabilitation of Infants with Developmental Disabilities (0-12 months), Germany (2021)
Brain: Dawn and Sunset Neurodevelopment & Neurodegeneration, Italy (2021)
Sensory Integration by Jean Ayres®, Germany (2020)
Picky Eating, problem-based on Sensorimotor Disorders, United Kingdom (2019)
PNF Basic, Poland & USA (2018)
Neurodevelopmental Diagnosis and Rehabilitation, NDT-Bobath approach, Poland (2018)
Scoliosis – Diagnose and Therapy, Poland (2018)
Postgraduate Studies in Pedagogy, Social Science Academy in Lodz, Poland (2018)
MP Pilates Mat & Advanced Instructor, Poland (2014)
Kinesiology Taping Poland (2013)
Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, Silesian Medical University in Katowice, Poland (2018-2020)
Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy, Silesian Medical University in Katowice, Poland (2011-2014)
Specialty Interests
Neurodevelopmental treatment for Cerebral Palsy and Autism affected patients
3D Feet therapy for newborns, toddlers, pre-school and school-age kids
Early Intervention and Prematurity
Sensorimotor development and milestones delays
Sensory Integration therapy, specialized in ASD
NDT Bobath Therapist
Sensory Integration by J.Ayres Therapist
Pilates Instructor
3D Feet Manual Therapist
Prechtl GM Assessment
Professional Memberships
EBTA: European Bobath Tutors Association – Therapist - 001266
KIF: The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists – 58835
Ordine TSRM and PSTRP in Catania - The Italian Association of Specialists – 1125
SISA – Ayres Sensory Integration Association
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