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Yoga has a wide range of health benefits for the mind & body by creating a connection through a series of disciplined physical postures and breathing exercises.

We are offering one-to-one sessions and various styles of group classes.

Hatha Yoga Private Foundation Class

Women or men who would like to learn about Yoga who prefer private one-to-one sessions to build stamina. This journey is a 6 class progression.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga guides you through movement that develops strength, flexibility and a connection between body, mind & breath. You will deepen your understanding of the hatha postures & learn how to align the body with breathing & relaxation techniques.

Vinyasa Flow

Directing your awareness through your mind, body & heart while moving slowly in this easeful Vinyasa practice. You will move from standing poses to hip opening poses, ending with a guided meditation.

Restorative Yoga

In this practice you are guided into a deep relaxation state with poses held for an extended period, using props to support you completely. Restoratives poses are not intended to stretch or strengthen but rather to release ever-deeper layers of tension.

Gentle Yoga

Slow movements linked to breathing creating flexibility in the muscles and emotions. The result is greater mobility in the joints and surrounding tissues. In this class, a meditation exercise will also take place to rid the body of negative energy.

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