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Yoga has a wide range of health benefits for the mind & body by creating a connection through a series of disciplined physical postures and breathing exercises.

We are offering one-to-one sessions and various styles of group classes.

Yoga Foundation

Build the Foundations of your Yoga practice through a gentle, basic classes with no flow between poses. It will be slow-paced stretching class with some simple breathing exercises. This is a good place to learn relaxation techniques, beginner poses and become comfortable with yoga.

Start from the very beginning looking at the basics of alignment, how to use extra props and how to link the breath with movements.

Benefits of Yoga Foundation class include:

  • Keep your back and joints healthy.
  • Improve your overall posture.
  • Stretch and strengthen muscles.
  • Improve your balance.

Who can attend this class ?

  • Group class
  • Women & Men
  • Ages 30 - 50+
  • Beginners Only
  • Language: English

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga guides you through movement that develops strength, flexibility and a connection between body, mind & breath. You will deepen your understanding of the hatha postures & learn how to align the body with breathing & relaxation techniques.

Vinyasa Flow

Directing your awareness through your mind, body & heart while moving slowly in this easeful Vinyasa practice. You will move from standing poses to hip opening poses, ending with a guided meditation.

Restorative Yoga

In this practice you are guided into a deep relaxation state with poses held for an extended period, using props to support you completely. Restoratives poses are not intended to stretch or strengthen but rather to release ever-deeper layers of tension.

Gentle Yoga

Slow movements linked to breathing creating flexibility in the muscles and emotions. The result is greater mobility in the joints and surrounding tissues. In this class, a meditation exercise will also take place to rid the body of negative energy.

Yoga Detox

During Ramadan only, Sara Shalhoub is providing a special Detox Yoga class which involves specific yoga postures to promote stretch & digestion to the body's internal organs which she has created based on personal practice for Ramadan. Most people face digestion issues during this month due to the change of diet, fasting many hours and then feasting over different types of dishes that may cause indigestion. Just like there is a Yoga flow dedicated to hip openers, back bends, or perhaps strength, there are also flows dedicated in depthly to detox as well. This practice may relieve symptoms of fasting such as migraines and fatigue. An additional benefit is a "Mental Detox" for the mind through meditation and breathing techniques. 

Class Details: The Detox Class will begin with Pranayama (breathwork)  Kapala Bhati referred to as the “breath of fire” , is known for its ability to increase the Agni (digestion) in the system, promoting heat, metabolism, and energy while performing rapid breathing.Most of the yoga postures include twisting and inversions which apply pressure or compression on the digestive organs; while others apply a stretch. These changes in pressure improve circulation, bringing an increased flow of fresh blood to the organs to enhance their natural function. Additionally, these movements work to move food efficiently through the digestive tract. Twisting postures are often used with this intent, moving food along to relieve constipation.

Benefits of Yoga Detox include:

Promotes the elimination of toxins by activating the lymphatic system & improving blood circulation with the postures. 
Aids in alleviating digestive problems 
Promotes awareness & circulation to the liver, digestive organs and glands. 
Provides boosts to the immune system.

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