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Mindfulness & Breathwork

Mindfulness is a skill that improves your attention to the present moment such that your awareness is increased and your mind becomes more settled. This is achieved through guided meditation & breathing excersises.

Benefits of Mindfulness
Reduced stress
Improved relationships
Better pain management
Improved sleep
Reduced binge eating
Overall health improved

Sound healing

An ancient technique designed to stimulate the nervous system to deepen relaxation and relieve stress and anxiety. It will improve sleep, mental focus, increase energy, purify and stimulate your emotions thus promoting a sense of balance and clarity.

The sounds and vibrations generated will change brain wave patterns by creating a steady frequency. Through rhythm & frequency changes your mind will be uplifted, moved into a meditative and relaxed state, your chakras will balance, while simultaneously regulating your breathing.

About Mindfulness Services
Mindfulness & Breathwork
This guided meditation will help you with grounding, calming, release your stress and anxiety. Sound healing
An inwards journey allowing people to release pent up energy, memories, emotions, & thoughts, and heal by balancing their vibrational frequency through sound.
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