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Kat Skomorowska
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In 2015, I received my Master’s in Physiotherapy with specializations in pediatrics and neurology from the University of Physical Education, Warsaw, Poland. As I strongly believe in the great benefits sport can bring to everyone, I worked closely with the Department of Theory and Movement Education and the Department of Adapted Physical Activity during my studies. I also engaged in a number of international programs focusing on improving the motor skills of people with mobility difficulties through physical activities. My special passion for hydrotherapy has led me to work as a swimming teacher for all ages and for (including people with special needs), I have also joined many international programs in aquatic therapy and para-swimming.

As part of my goal to help people reach optimum health and function, I completed a course in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Complete Decongestive Therapy  (CDT) provided by Foeldi College, Germany, in July 2019. The course focuses primarily on venous and lymphatic disorders which can cause heaviness and swollenness in the limbs.

Education and Training
MSc. in Physiotherapy (with specialization in pediatrics and neurology), University of Physical Education, Warsaw, Poland
Specialty Interests
Hydrotherapy (including a variety of specific water therapies)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Complete Decongestive Therapy
Proprioception and body balance
Adapted physical activity
SI first module
Sherborne Developmental Movement Course
Halliwick Therapy
Bad Ragaz Ring Method
Watsu 1&2
Cupping Therapy
Kinesio Taping
Professional Memberships
World Confederation for Physical Therapy
The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists
Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association
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