Tamar Dertavitian

Professional Experience and Affiliations:
I have more than 18 years of management experience in healthcare organizations. Since I was appointed as the FSHN Director in September 2021, my main goal has been to develop effective initiatives and programs to achieve FSHN strategic objectives for growth, service quality, patient care outcomes, financial performance, and regulatory compliance. My management approach is based on developing new business areas, identifying current and future challenges and opportunities, and ensuring our goals and vision are perfectly aligned to patient needs and budgetary constraints.

In my new role as the FSHN Director, I hope to build on the achievements I have accomplished while holding the position of the Operations Director where the Group has seen a significant decrease in OPEX while recording the highest annual profit in 15 years.

Prior to joining FSHN, I was the Operations Manager of the Medical Divisions at YAICO Medical Company, Kuwait, where I was responsible for streamlining daily operations, implementing budgets, managing costs, improving service quality, maintaining operational efficiency, and tracking performance benchmarks.

Before moving to Kuwait, I also worked as the General Services Manager at Clemenceau Medical Center, Lebanon, where I helped the Center improve its financial, strategic, and daily operations. My responsibilities included managing cost, improving service delivery and quality in multiple outsourced departments, and handling customer interactions (requests, complaints,…) to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

I received my MBA in Management Consultancy from Anglia Ruskin University, UK, in 2014. I am also a member of the American HealthCare Executive Association. I always look for new training and learning opportunities to improve my skills and boost my career.
Nicholas Scull
MBA in Management Consultancy from Anglia Ruskin University from UK in 2014
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